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Best Hair Dryers

Our selection of the best hair dryers from the world's leading companies simply raised the bar. We did not compromise – when it came to choosing the best hair dryers. We even went so far that we let our technicians open each dryer and examine the internal parts to get down to the finest details. Our Best Hair Dryer Shopping List will help you pick the right one among thousands of hair dryers in the market.

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  • Parlux 3200 Plus Professional Hair Dryer

    MORE POWERFUL, MORE SILENT The technological restyling of the Parlux 3200® PLUS combines the power associated with a new one suction concept, ensuring quieter and fast drying. Redesigned for an even more professional experience. LIGHT WEIGHT: Learn More
    $165.00  Free US Shipping

    Retail Price: $145.00

    Your Savings: $20.00 (-14%)

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  • Parlux 385 PowerLight Ionic and Ceramic Professional Hair Dryer

    The Parlux 385 PowerLight Hair Dryer is equipped with a new engine K-Lamination® by Ciaramella longer lasting and more powerful. It is equipped with the Ionic and Ceramic® essential for the health and the elimination of static electricity of the hair. And with industry standard ionic and ceramic technologies, the hair is Learn More
    $179.00  Free US Shipping

    Retail Price: $235.00

    Your Savings: $56.00 (24%)

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  • Bio Ionic Gold Pro Dryer

    The Bio Ionic Gold Pro Dryer is part of the GoldPro Styling Collection. 24K Gold Ceramic Mineral Complex is infused into the Bio Ionic GoldPro Styling Collection. The 24K Gold insures constant, even heat distribution throughout each tool, while the Ceramic Mineral Complex infuses moisture deep into the hair givi Learn More
    $84.79  Free US Shipping

    Retail Price: $140.00

    Your Savings: $55.21 (39%)

  • Parlux 3800 Ionic and Ceramic Professional Hair Dryer

    The Parlux 3800 EcoFriendly Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer is light, powerful and environmentally friendly. With recycled packaging and plastic, it is the most eco-friendly hairdryer available. The Parlux 3800 has a 2100watts K-Lamination motor, reducing drying time and electricity usage. It has a bu Learn More
    $149.00  Free US Shipping

    Retail Price: $229.00

    Your Savings: $80.00 (35%)

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  • Parlux 3200 Compact Professional Hair Dryer

    The Parlux 3200 Hair Dryer is without doubt, the most widely used professional hairdryer on the market today. Not only is it a favorite amongst leading salons, but it is perfect for everyday home use as well. With the introduction of the excellent K-Lamination motor, the Parlux 3200 Hair Dryer is Learn More
    $129.95  Free US Shipping

    Retail Price: $145.00

    Your Savings: $15.05 (10%)

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